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What can we learn from a leadership crisis in a Lutheran seminary?

I came across the article “Lutheran seminary faces leadership crisis over president’s past LGBTQ beliefs” by Peter Smith of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette last week.  It documents a “crisis” in a Pennsylvania Lutheran seminary because their president did not disclose during her interviews for the position that she once directed an organization the said “gay

The Church has lost it’s savor

Today is July 24th, 2011, the day same-sex “marriage” becomes legal in New York.  More disturbing to me than the earliest institutions (Gen 2:21-24) being re-written to fit the whims of a few, is the news from one of the leaders of  New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedom ( stating that the churches didn’t really participate

Be a Berean Network Launched!

In Acts 17:10-11 the Bereans were called more “fair minded” (noble in some translations) then the Thessalonicans.  Here we want to help help Christians cultivate their fair mindedness in the the same way the Bereans did.   Our authors are writing articles on how to live like a Berean in this modern world.  Join in
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